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Femme Selections is a boutique wine import and distribution company with a selected portfolio that represents beautiful, balanced and elegant wines from peaks and valleys of both Hemispheres. Several are bold too, of course. 

Femme Selections' focal point is the female palate, where we are saying goodbye to old and oaky wine stories. We support wine makers that make bright and vibrant wine. We focus our wine portfolio, communication and shopping experiences towards delivering the knowledge, guide and ease when exploring the world of wine through Femme Selections. 

Our Way

Image by Tim Mossholder

Femme Selection is here to connect people through the beautiful world of wine. 


We Travel 

We are constantly on the move, some might say we are addicted to exploring old and new wine regions across the world. 

Our travel is when we truly learn about the wine, who made it, it's climate, regions history... we can go on and on.  


We are Obsessed with Climate & Topography   

Climate is everything to us, especially since we LOVE wines that are high in acid.

Cool climates, natural factors that heat up or cool down the vines, sun exposure, altitude, landscape are considerations that influence how the wine is made and how it tastes. We got you covered! 


We Make Authentic Relationships

We only work with wine makers that we love and that love us back. We want to be aligned on all business aspects, and also on the levels of ethos and of course how incredible the wine is. We love spending time with our wine makers and their families and they are all invited for Thanksgiving to our table. 


We Cry a little when our Clients Love our Wine 

That's it! We love this work, and there is nothing that melt our hearts like when clients and friends share how much they have enjoyed that bottle that we flew 10 hours and drove another 4 hours to reach. 


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