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Our Story 

Femme Selections; for our love for wine and women!  
Femme Selections emerges from our deep appreciation for both wine and women. In an industry still largely male-centric, we take part in bridging the gap for women's wine experiences through our wine selection and the Femme Selections Wine Guide.

Meet Femme- Anine Ward
Anine, originally from Oslo, Norway, now resides in Boston, USA with her family.
Always on the move, she frequents vineyards and wine regions across Europe and the United States. 

​During her 12-year tenure at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology focusing on global collaborations, Anine also pursued both the WSET 2 and WSET 3 Awards in Wine to enhance her own wine education and understanding of why wine taste the way it does.

​Femme Selections is the culmination of her 20+ year wine journey and dreams. She loves connecting people, and that
includes the wine makers, shop owners, customers.
If you see her on the s
treet, in your winery or prancing through a vineyard, say hi and have a chat! 

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